2016 in Rewind.

If I were asked to describe 2016 in one word I don’t think I would even be able to formulate my thoughts well enough to articulate the past year.

2016 was one of the best years of my life, yes there were some negative moments here and there, but there isn’t one thing I would change about my experiences.

Losing my grandfather.
Road tripping up the coast with friends.
Driving to SF by myself for the first time.
Road tripping to Seattle and not wanting to strangle one of my friends.
Too many days in Disneyland and not enough sleep in Vegas.
12 hour flight to London.
7 hours of being detained at Heathrow.
The beauty and warmth of Ireland.
Red cheeks and waterfalls in Iceland.
Trying my damnedest not to swoon every time I heard a Scottish accent.
Learning to love Guinness in Ireland.
Appreciating the French countryside despite the lack of wifi & cell service.
Getting lost in the endless canals of Amsterdam.
Realizing there’s always an adventure to be had, even in one’s own backyard.
Reuniting with my crazed family and then setting off to Hawaii.
Testing out my vocal strengths as I flew through the mountains of Oahu via zipline.
Running my first official 5k-must’ve been blacked out when I signed up for that.
Spending Christmas with the ones I love.

So thanks 2016, you were definitely one for the books…

Until next time,

Chelsey Marie

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