Rules of Road Tripping

You don’t really know someone, until you’re stuck in a car with them.

It is there, in the extremely confining and sometimes suffocating space of a tightly packed vehicle, that you find out things–sometimes those things are interesting, sometimes they’re deep, but other times they’re things I could’ve gone a lifetime without knowing.

But despite all of this, road trips are a necessity for everyone–at least once in your life.

I know, I know, I haven’t exactly sold the whole road tripping thing, but trust me, I haven’t led you wrong–yet…

Traveling has added so much value to my life, but road tripping especially has taught me so much more:

  1. I have learned to appreciate the adventures that are in my own backyard (figuratively of course)
  2. I have learned the fine art of contortionist. I now have the ability to sleep in any position and in any environment–it’s a skill…really.
  3. I can now block out traumatic experiences–and by that I mean the sounds of my friends scream singing the little mermaid soundtrack for six hours straight
  4. It is important to be comfortable with venturing off on your own–not everyone will be on the same schedule as you and it’s important to be able to go off and gain what you wish from your trip.
  5. At the same time, it is important to be able to compromise and understand that not everyone will want to do what you want–this is when you put on your big girl pants and stick a smile on your face, because there are worse things in life
  6. Lastly, you learn to appreciate those who willingly spend 20+ hours in a car with you, because only someone who is equally as crazy as you would make such a choice.

So do it, take a road trip and explore the adventure that awaits you. You don’t have to leave the country– or even the state– to see something new.

Until Next Time,

Chelsey Marie

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  1. Vinny Idol August 28, 2016

    I like this post. Its hilarious, but true. I went on alot of roadtrips as a kid. Its always a rollercoaster of emotions being trapped with your family in a vehicle, for hours and days at a time. It definitely teaches you a lot.. but I think the biggest lesson i learned is to explore the world and be adventurous.


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