How can online shopping make a difference?

How can you make a difference by shopping online?

I recently had the opportunity to partner up with the Freedom Boutique & not only do they have an amazing online store (which is feeding my online shopping problem), but they’re also committed to making a difference with their platform.

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SARA + ANDREA | Let’s Photograph our Future…

Sara and Andrea just celebrated their one year anniversary and I’m so honored that they asked me to photograph their special moments.

Even though Andrea was less than thrilled with the early wake up call, it was a beautiful Saturday morning spent at the beach with these two lovely nuggets.

A little sun, a little sea, and a whole lotta love…

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How to Embrace the Rough Roads & Savor the Good Days

You can’t appreciate the good days without the bad ones.

It’s hard to look at your own life and see how far you have come. Why is it that we’re able to see the success and strengths of others and yet when it comes time for our own self-reflection we falter?

Today hasn’t gone as planned.
  • I didn’t plan on mixing up orders at work and taking the extra time to go back and fix my mistakes
  • I didn’t plan on sending out three client emails addressed with the wrong names
  • I didn’t plan on waking up in a bad mood and letting it affect my day
  • I didn’t plan on joking around and having a laugh with the Madewell employees, because I knew I was in a shit mood and didn’t want to be bothered.
  • I didn’t plan on writing this blog post today & to be completely honest—I don’t quite know what direction it’s headed in.

But that’s my point— you cannot plan LIFE.

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