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I get to photograph so many beautiful places and individuals on a daily basis. However, most of the time you all only get to see just that—the place or the individual. But you rarely get the story–you don’t get to hear how we trekked 4 miles in an ice storm to capture the vastness of Iceland or how I’ve watched so many talented individuals follow their dreams and attain success.

SO—I’ve decided to not only share my photography, but to also share the story, in the hopes that it will perhaps inspire you, ignite your flame to pursue your wildest dreams, make the “unattainable” attainable.

I want us all to succeed.

Dayna Grundy

When you first meet someone, you never think about their potential successes or the different paths they’re going to take or that you’ll eventually run into each other again.

I know that when I met Dayna almost ten years ago, I didn’t think that I’d get the opportunity to share her success with her.

From Notre Dame Academy to Notre Dame for Girls to USC, this intelligent young woman has striven and succeeded.

So when she reached out to me and asked me to take her graduation photos—I could only say yes.

And what an honor it was to photograph her!

To see someone uninhibitedly chase after their dreams is not only inspiring, but something that leaves me in awe. It’s one thing to hear someone talk about everything they’re going to accomplish, but to go out and get it done? Well, that just speaks for itself.

So, cheers to you Dayna, and good luck on the next steps of your journey to Med School—better you than me…blood makes me queasy!

Until next time,

Chelsey Marie

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