How to Embrace the Rough Roads & Savor the Good Days

You can’t appreciate the good days without the bad ones.

It’s hard to look at your own life and see how far you have come. Why is it that we’re able to see the success and strengths of others and yet when it comes time for our own self-reflection we falter?

Today hasn’t gone as planned.
  • I didn’t plan on mixing up orders at work and taking the extra time to go back and fix my mistakes
  • I didn’t plan on sending out three client emails addressed with the wrong names
  • I didn’t plan on waking up in a bad mood and letting it affect my day
  • I didn’t plan on joking around and having a laugh with the Madewell employees, because I knew I was in a shit mood and didn’t want to be bothered.
  • I didn’t plan on writing this blog post today & to be completely honest—I don’t quite know what direction it’s headed in.

But that’s my point— you cannot plan LIFE.

You can have plans and you can hope like hell that everything will turn out, but sometimes life has other ideas..

They say if you want to make the universe laugh, tell her your plans…

(I don’t know who they is, but they said it, and they’re not wrong)

Back to the self-reflection bit…

One of my greatest weaknesses is letting small setbacks affect how I approach the rest of my day, week or month.

I want to succeed, so much so sometimes, that I will accept nothing less than perfection.

NEWFLASH CHELSEY..Perfection doesn’t exist.

And when that mistake has been made or that argument has been had—it stops me in my tracks. And instead of learning from that moment and improving—I become sedentary—neither learning nor growing.

I am my toughest critic. I treat myself in a way that I would not dare to treat anyone else.

And I know, without a doubt, I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

But today, when I was laughing with the Madewell employee, about why I was buying a sweater in the height of summer—reasons are still unknown— I had a moment of clarity and I recognized the self-growth.

I woke up today in a shit mood, I went about my day in a shit mood, I WANTED to be in a shit mood— I wanted the sun to stop shining and I wanted the rain to come and I wanted to hide in a sweater, under my blankets, and be in a shit mood by myself.

But the universe had other plans—and also it was summer and too hot for me to actually wear said sweater, but I digress.

Without me even knowing it, I did a handful of things that I know make me happy, because the reality is, I didn’t really want to be in a shit mood… but I just wasn’t sure how to turn things around.

  • 1 ride along Vista del Mar— WITH all the windows down—this is an important step because you must have your hair flying in your face and the sweet smell of the ocean during summertime

  • 27 replays of Lost in the Light by the Bahamas (yes, I counted) at volume 45 with the bass too high—the car must be shaking.

  • 1…3 large coffees—and I don’t have to explain myself
  • 1 session of laughter because I do silly things—like, make my own jean shorts even though I already know I’m going to hate them, because I always do, and then I’m going to have to go buy a new pair of jeans to replace the ones I destroyed— and then I’m going to buy a sweater when the current temperature in LA is 88F…but it will be cold again—you watch. (said Madewell employee was not convinced)

  • 1 sunset/or sunrise depending on where you are in the world— because nothing will ever make me feel more alive or more appreciative of life than watching the sun say hello or goodbye

We wouldn’t be able to savor and cherish the good days, if we didn’t hit a few rough spots along the way. I’m grateful for today, because I’ve reached a point in my life where I can solidly recognize my growth and accomplishments and simultaneously realize that a setback is not the end of the world and coffee can fix everything…

In case you don’t currently have a sunset of your own to appreciate… here is a FREEBIE Sunset Wallpaper for your phone—this is just an excuse to show you a picture of a sunset because I want everyone to be as invested in the Sun’s rising and setting habits as I am…

Let me know how you do your best to turn your shit days around!

(At first I was using ‘shit day’ because I actually enjoy the phrase, but now it has become a competition with myself to see just how many times I can actually use it… shit day)

Until Next Time

Chelsey Marie
@misschelseymarie — Check out my How To be Happy Board!

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