Let’s be Honest….

I often find myself trying to convince all of you out there in the cyber world that I actually am a great blogger, and yet here we are, almost one year later, (it’s been more than a year…I didn’t finish this post in time…LE SIGH) and I am back to my old habits.

How has one year passed since the last time I wrote a blog post?… Since when did time move this quickly?

2015 has been a trying year…man…has it been a doozy.

But, it also has been a year of significant growth.

It has forced me into a great deal of self-reflection…some of it unwanted, but most of it necessary.

Lastly, it has shown me what is really important within my own life–FAMILY…well, at least 97% of the time.

I started a YouTube channel a couple months ago and I quickly realized it’s so easy to get caught up in the flow of the content that other channel’s are producing. You see how successful these individuals have become and you yearn for that same success for yourself…but at what cost?

I began to realize that although I thought I was happy, I was not staying true to who the person I had become in my 22 years. However, this was not a revelation that happened in some grandiose manner…

Let’s get real for a minute: Like many YouTubers before me, I saw Vlogmas as an opportunity to get myself out there and create an inviting environment for new users to get to know my channel. Little did I know that life would intervene and do its thing–flipping my existence upside down, side-ways, backwards and eventually leaving me spinning to find some kind of footing. Needless to say I didn’t get through Vlogmas; December being the asshole that it was, put me in a tailspin.

Next thing I knew it was January and I had not come any closer to understanding what direction I was headed in or even what I wanted for myself in 2016. I forced myself to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and acknowledge why I found it so difficult to let you all into a deeper aspect of my life.

And this is what I came up with:

  • I love filming and photography, but I love to capture those around me as opposed to consistently showing every detail of my life
  • I realized that no matter what, family was significantly more important than trying to capture the perfect “Christmas moment” for the whole month of December
  • Especially during such a difficult time within my family–I just wanted to be with my family

I’m not writing off vlogging forever, but I definitely will be more selective with the moments I want to share with you lovely people..

Well I think I’ve said enough, don’t you?

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