Seattle- Some Sun, Some Snow & All the Rest || Part 1

I love LA, I really do, but I have to get out every once in awhile.

This past weekend I decided to take quick trip up to Seattle to visit one of my favorite people on this planet- EMMA. Please take a moment to view the many faces of Emma right below…

When we weren’t drinking, we were out exploring all Seattle has to offer—and for those of you looking for your next trip I’m here to be your guide to Seattle.

What started out as overcast, windy, & rainy, soon burned off into a beautiful Seattle day.

We explored Snoqualmie Falls from the lookout up above while waiting for our table to open up in the Salish lodge dining room-because food is always the most important thing. For those who love to look at the beauty of nature from afar, I would recommend following the walking path which provides an amazing aerial view of the falls.

For avid adventurers that are don’t mind a bit of a trek…

*Cut to Emma climbing rocks*

There’s a path that takes you to the base of the falls where you can explore the water area, climb on rocks, and prove to all your friends just how adventurous you actually are.

In between our exploring we grabbed breakfast at the Salish lodge Dining Room, and if you’re into amazing food, look no further. This place know how to do breakfast, from pancakes to Eggs Benedict to omelettes, they’ve mastered it all. Plus, if you’re in the mood for brunch shenanigans, you should definitely try out their Passionfruit mimosas.

Salish Lodge Photo Gallery– Pancake Breakfast

Oh! Don’t forget to ask about the Honey from Heaven-it will not disappoint!

Salish Lodge Photo Gallery–Honey from Heaven Service

Salish Lodge Photo Gallery–Coffee Service

We decided to take advantage of Seattle’s temperamental weather and head up to Snoqualmie Pass-only about 45 minutes away from the falls—where it was snowing.

We got to enjoy some great views on the way up…

And although we didn’t ski, there was a new brewery that had opened up just across the way- which would be a great afternoon break after a long day of skiing.

Dru Bru is a cool, minimalist brewery that brews their beer in house-obviously. I’m not much a beer drinker, so I tried a couple of their ciders– blackberry & apple.

But I did try some of my friends sampler and I really enjoyed what they have to offer.

Later that evening we headed to the Space Needle for any amazing dinner-and there were drinks in abundance so unfortunately, I can only provide you with this borrowed picture of the needle:

Photo courtesy of

This is a must see spot if you’re in Seattle and if you have the extra time I highly recommend sticking around for brunch or dinner.

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Until Next Time,

Chelsey Marie

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