The Reality of a New Year…

Each new year is like a wave hurtling towards you at a ridiculous speed, while you wait, decidedly unprepared to be knocked off your feet into yet another whirlwind.

And yet, there’s nothing you can do about it. Just like there is no way to stop the waves, there’s no way to stop the approach of another year.

2016, just like my past 22 years, has been no different; the New Year came and went before I could even catch my breath and adjust.

However, this year I decided it would be different–And I’m not talking about the typical “New Year, New Me” charade that I usually play with myself. I want my approach into the new year to be different. I want to take hold of 2016 and make the absolute most of it–no more holding back and living life in the shadows.

After seeing Marianna Hewitt’s New Year’s plans and resolutions worksheets, I knew that in order to be the change I wanted, I needed to actually make changes.

Some of my goals might seem “too lofty” or “too conceited,” or maybe even “unattainable,” but I am a firm believer that if you bust your ass to reach your dreams, then they have not option but to come true….

If you wanna check out my goals for 2016 head over to my YouTube channel and watch my 2016 Resolutions, Plans, & Goals… You can also subscribe if you want to…

Until next time…

XO Chelsey Marie

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