You Are Enough.

It is no secret that I have struggled with my fair share of self-confidence issues.

It was hard growing up in a society that placed such a great deal of emphasis on the superficial aspects of an individual, rather than what’s inside–It’s like I can’t stop being a walking cliché…

I spent many years trying to figure out where I belonged in the grand scheme of things and  who I was and how to fit in properly, only to slowly come to the realization that I have to create my own sense of identity–not based upon the ideals of others, but based on what I stood for and what added value to my life and most importantly–what made me happy.

We are individually responsible for our own happiness. We cannot expect happiness to follow if we are living our lives in the hopes of pleasing others.

If someone is meant to be in our lives, then they will be.

As a habitual people pleaser, this has been the hardest “life lesson” to learn to date. I find myself growing and learning as time passes, but I still have moments where I forget and I begin to question myself and the foundation I have built.

As I trudge along through my adolescent years and once again dip my toes into our millennial dating culture it’s difficult to remember that you may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that, in no way, shape, or form, means that you are not enough.

You cannot force someone to be a part of your life, they have to choose on their own accord.

But that decision never means you are not enough.

Because you were, are, and always will be enough.


Until Next Time,

Chelsey Marie



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