chelsey marie photography

Hey there, I’m Chelsey Marie!


Most days you can find me at my computer, napping, or at the beach—or some combination of all three.


I am mostly known for my obsessive love of coffee or my many days spent admiring the ocean...


I LOVE serving the world by capturing their special moments and creating pieces that will bring them some sort of joy throughout their lives.

The things I am most passionate about in life are chasing after the things that bring me the most joy, bringing joy to others, traveling, and living my most genuine life.

I photograph people who are looking for a way to save their most precious memories, their greatest accomplishments, or their happiest moments, and I give them the gift of reflection, so that they are able to look back on these moments with a sense of completeness, fondness, and warmth.

As a lifestyle photographer and blogger I’ve been featured by companies such as CocoRoo Body, Michael Todd, Zyia Active, Marika Clothing, Rebekah Gough Jewelry, GBY Beauty, and My Monq.

When I’m not busy working on my many different passions, you can catch me watching the waves at the beach or on a run to clear my mind. I live in sunny Los Angeles, but always willing to travel and chase after the next adventure. I recently just returned from a four-month trip to Europe, where I was living in London, and traveling throughout France, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, and Iceland.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are six things you might not know about me:

  1. I rowed for Loyola Marymount University so I understand the value of perseverance, true grit, and always carrying snack with me wherever I go.
  2. I am coffee obsessed—and I realize a lot of individuals say this, but I think when you drink more than four coffees a day you really start to stand apart.
  3. I love the ocean—I will purposely take the long way home 11 times out of 10 just so I can enjoy smell of the ocean and the salty air as I coast down Vista Del Mar.
  4. I find my greatest joy in life by watching sunrises and sunsets—I’ve had people tell me that that’s such a cliché thing—but I don’t think there’s anything more spectacular than starting and ending your day with that kind of beauty.
  5. People often lovingly refer to me as Chelsey, Chels, Chelsey Marie, Chawncy, Crawnchy—my friends are an interesting sort...
  6. My favorite place that I’ve been so far is Iceland—I wasn’t expecting to like it, because I had originally wanted to go to Spain, but was out-voted by my friends—it ended up being an amazing experience and one of my favorite spots in the world.

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